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1. Once you Enter one of our Competition, you will receive an email of acceptance.

2. Entries will ONLY be accepted if the payment has been made in FULL. 

3. Performers are not entitled to any refund of fee or transfer of fees in case of non-appearance in any section whatsoever for ANY reason.

4.  In the case where a section has fewer than three Competitors entered, that Section will be combined with another of similar age or style. (This includes Troupe Sections)

5. Under Consumer Law there are limited circumstances where refunds or transfers are permitted.

These circumstances generally relate to where the services provided are not rendered with due care and skill or in compliance with a specified purpose or provided within a reasonable time. They do not include circumstances where you change your mind, not complete your entry correctly or being unable to attend to for any reason.

6.  Entry to the competition is subject to you agreeing to all the rules and conditions in this document.

7. There are to be no Age changes due to other commitments, sickness or for any other reason including Covid. Dancers will need to compete in their correct age groups on the dates that are assigned. 

8.  Once the Final Program has been sent out, there will be no changes of Sections for any reason unless done so by the Committee.

9. Competitor’s entries cannot be substituted for another Competitor. Eg Katie S’s Entries cannot be transferred to Ryan B. This also includes transfer between Siblings. 

10. We reserve the right to close entries once we have reached full capacity. 

11. Time Limits – 

Troupes – 6mins

Solos – 3mins

Singing – 3mins 

12. Age limits –

* Our Troupe Events are AVERAGE AGE as at the first day of Competition. Only 2 Competitors can be over the age. Eg if you have an average age group of 10yrs and you have three or more dancers that are 12yrs or over, the group will go up to the 12u Age Group. If you have two dancers that are 12yrs, your group stays in the 10u Age Group.

* Solo/Duo/Trio/Quartet ages are January 1st 2022. Eg if your child is 12 and turns 13 on Jan 3rd, they are still in the 12/u Category for our comps in 2022.  

12. Proof of age can be requested at the event if deemed necessary by the Committee. In the case of a dispute arising in respect of the age of any performer, a birth certificate will need to be presented. 

13. Pre - Professional: For advanced dancers that are 14+ undertaking a FULL-TIME dance or performing arts coarse and are not receiving a full-time secondary education at a government or non-government school. This also includes any student of any age that studies/practises dance of over 20 hours per week. 

14. Performers – DDF & CCF is open to amateurs only.

An amateur refers to a person whose principal source of income is not and has not been derived from the exercise or teaching of dance.

15. The Committee has all rights to change age days and combine or move ages from one set date to another if a day is not full enough or for any other reason. 

16. No repeat of any routines is permitted unless in the Champion Sections. 

17. Troupe Performer Limits -  

Small Troupes - 4 to 11 performers.

Large Troupes - 12 and up performers

18.   The Committee and Volunteers do not tolerate bullying, including inappropriate language or actions. Any persons found disrespecting and/or bullying the Committee and Volunteers will be removed from the Competition with no refund of their Entry Fee.


19. Dressing Rooms - all Competitors will change in the allocated changing rooms.

20. Dressing Rooms Troupes - Dressing rooms will be allocated at the beginning of each day for Troupes and all Studios will receive an email with allocated Dressing rooms, a floor map, the Program, and any other Information needed. 

21. Please help our Committee and Volunteers by ensuring all dressing rooms are tidy at the end of the day.

22. Dynamic Dance Festival & Curtain Call Festival take no responsibility for any loss and/or damage to personal items, costumes and/or accessories. It is the responsibility of the parent/carer/performer to look after their items and pack them in a safe way. 

23. Photography and Videoing on any device is NOT permitted in Dressing Rooms.

24. Please be prepared to Perform 45mins before your allocated time as Competitors may not show up or withdraw their routine. The Committee has the right to change or move routines around for any reason. 

25. Props - That are to be used for a performance must be taken side stage by either the performer or their representative prior to the section commencing and to be taken straight off after performance. Props are not to be left side stage at any time of the day. We take no responsibility of damage or loss of any prop. We do not take any responsibility for any injury caused by a competitor using a Prop. 

26. No resin, baby powder or hairspray to be used on a Competitors Shoes as this may cause costume damage and/or injury to other competitors. 

27. Prompting - is ONLY allowed in 4/u and 6/u sections. NO PROMPTING from anywhere by students, studio owners and teachers during the performance. Anyone caught prompting in any other age group (except 4/u and 6/u) may be subject to disqualification, determined by the Adjudicator.

28.  The DDF & CCF Committee reserves the right to add additional competition days or move the competition location due to unforeseen circumstances.

29. Routine changes - once the Program has been emailed out, any changes on the day due to incorrect entry will incur a $20 fee for each routine change. This does not include changing for a more suitable time for you or change age groups.

30. Please take care of your personal belongings as we take no responsibility to any loss or damage of your items. 

31. Novice Troupe Sections – Novice Sections are for competitors that are Competing for the first time, either as a soloist or as a troupe member. All members in that group need to be on stage for the first time. A new dance does not constitute as a Novice routine. Novice Troupes may be combined with Regular Sections if there are not enough Novice Competitors on their own. 


32. Safety and Injury - Participating in sport or dance competitions can be rigorous and result in injury.

They can include, but not limited to, sprains, bruises, pulled muscles, and broken bones. All Attendees and Performers take responsibility and acceptance of such risks by performers.Therefore, by virtue of entering this event, it is agreed that participants will not hold Dynamic Dance Festival and Curtain Call Festival or its officers, directors, staff, volunteers responsible for any sustained injuries sustained or illness contracted by them while in attendance and /or participating in any activity related to Dynamic Dance Festival & Curtain Call Festival and the hosting venues are not responsible for personal injury to contestants, spectators, or staff. The safety of our competition dancers, spectators and staff is of utmost importance to us and we will help in anyway we can. 

33. Late Fees - any late Entries on the day of the Competition include a $20 late fee to each routine. 

34. It is advisable that if you have a child under 18yrs of age, an adult should go to the toilet with them.

35. On entering our Competitions, you give DDF & CCF all rights to use any photography or Videography for our Promotional/Social Media use. 

36. Third party photos are strictly prohibited. DDF & CCF reserves the right to control and mandate all venue images, the sale of any photos for profit from any of our competitions by any third-party vendor, studio or patron is strictly prohibited.

37. Once the final program has been sent out, there will be NO changes to the times or order of performances, unless done so by the Committee. 

38. Upon entering our Competitions, there will be no refund or transfer given for any reason whatsoever.  

39. If a person has entered one of our Competitions and their entry has been accepted with full payment cannot attend the Competition for any reason are obliged to notify the substitute representative of all the rules and regulations. 

40. MAKING CHANGES TO YOUR ENTRY ON DCG - You can make changes to your entry on Dance Comp Genie. Simply log in and head to the Dashboard and find the particular Competition you have entered, there will be a button that has "make changes", you can make changes to the Song title, length of music, style of dance etc. Once you have made the changes, please follow the prompts and COMPLETE THE ENTRY AGAIN. There are no extra costs but if this isn't done then the Entry stays "Incomplete" and does not process and get added to the entries. Once entries have closed you cannot make any changes to your entries. 

41. It is also a condition of entry that anyone attending one of our Competitions are aware and understand all our Terms and Conditions and understand that there is an Admission Fee for anyone that is entering the Auditorium to view the competitors dancing. 

40. Studio Owner Passes – Two Passes are given per Studio/per day for Studio Owners/Teacher ONLY. This means that a parent/friend cannot represent the Studio and receive a Studio Owner/Teacher Pass.  

41. When entering our Competitions, if the dancer can not attend due to contracting Covid, getting sick, has a physical injury or any other reason they can not perform, there will be no refund or transfer once the entries are closed and program has been finalised. 

42. If Music has not been uploaded by the Date announced in the Emails, then a $20 fee will need to be paid on the day. You will need to bring a USB with the tracks clearly labelled.

43. Upon entering our Competition you understand that we have a Door Entry fee for all our Spectators. This includes Parents, Children 4-17 years, Aged Pension and Dancers who are not competing on that particular day. Fee amounts will be emailed out with each Program as different venues occur a different fee. 

44. By Entering our Competitions you have read and understood all our Terms & Conditions and agree to all Rules and Regulations.

Registration Fee


$20.00 per Full Entry. Multiple Students cannot be entered under the same account for Solos. An additional cost of $20.00 will be added to the Account if done so. 

Studios - Troupe Entries have one cost of $20.00 Registration Fee

Duo/Trio/Quartet- Can be put in one account with solos - this is accepted.

Thank you for reading our Rules & Regulations and we look forward to seeing you at one of our Competitions!!

DDF & CCF Committee x





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