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Q - What is the difference between Specially Restricted, Restricted & Open?

A - Specially Rest sections are for dancers competing for the first time or have yet to place in the Spec Rest section.

Restricted is for dancers who have placed either 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc in the Spec Rest section.

Once a dancer has won 1st Place in the Restricted section, they move up to Open. The dancer then stays in the Open level, even when learning a new routine. 

Q - What if you enter our Competition in a certain level and your dancer places at a Competition before ours?

A - Once you enter our Comp, even if a dancer places or wins at a Competition before ours we do not change their section. If entries have not closed, then you're more than welcome to log in to your account and change the entry to move the level up, but once the entries have closed, we do not change any levels. 

Q - Does my Dancer need to Qualify for Champion Sections?

A - No! We believe that ALL Dancers should get the opportunity to compete in a Champion Section! They deserve to experience the excitement and fun of a Champion Section to receive a Crown and awesome prizes!!

Q - Which Champion Section do I need to enter?

A - This depends on the Competiton. We have two names for each Comp. One is Dynamic Dancer Champion for our Dynamic Song and Dance Festivals and Curtain Call Champion for our Curtain Call Song and Dance Festivals. Please make sure you double check which comp you're entering and choose the correct name. Also make sure to choose the Champion section for both entry type and category so that the correct price and section is entered. 

Q - What happens to our Entry if we withdraw from the Competition?

A - When you enter our Competitions your payments are used for Admin fees, Venue hire, Trophy purchases, Champion Crowns, Judges fees, Staff payments, public liability and insurances, prizes, equipment fees, website costs, travel allowmances etc. This is why we do not allow refunds as the payments have been used. We are a small business and have outlays to pay. 

Q - Can I transfer a routine to another section if that particular routine is not finished/ready?

A - No you cannot. All entries are seperate and cannot be moved to another section and/or style due to that particular routine not being ready and/or finished.

Q - What if we have entered your Competition and it clashes with another?

A - We do not transfer or refund if our Competition clashes with another and you have not checked dates. We will not move your dancer/s to another age group for them to compete. 

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