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The Full Story

This page is a step by step guide on how to enter your Solos/Duos/Trios/Quartets in to Dance Comp Genie


Step One

Click on our "Enter Online" link and that will take you to the DCG page.

Type in the email address you'll be using to receive the program and all other information.

Step Two

Once you click on "Add", it will take you to this page. Fill out the "Passport Login Information" with your information. 


Step Three

When you scroll down you'll see the Independent Dancer Information. Proceed to fill this out and make sure to put the Dancers name in the top section. 

Step Four

After filling out the Dancers details, it will take you to this page. Click on "Add New Registration" to start entering your solos. 


Step Five

Click on "Select an Event" and choose the event you'd like to enter. Please make sure you're choosing the S/D/T/Q Events. 

Then in the "Routine" section, type in the Routine name for the first solo you are adding. 

Step Six

When you type in the Routine title and click on it, it will take you to this page. Click on "Create New".


Step Seven

You'll see the "Dancer" role has been selected already.

Proceed to fill in the DANCERS details in this section. This will save their information for future entries in to our other competitions. Email entered is your email address. Then click "Save Dancer"

Step Eight

You will see that the dancers name is now entered. Proceed to choose the "Entry Type", "Category", "Section Level" and "Routine Length". Then Click "Save Routine".

Proceed to do the same process to add all your routines in.


Step Nine

Keep adding routines by typing in the "Routine Name", clicking on it and the click "Add" next to the dancers name when the List of performers comes up. When entering Duo/Trio/Quartet, you'll need to select all dancers in that routine. 

Once you've entered all your routines, Click "Continue to Checkout".

Step Ten

Fill out your Credit Card Details. Please make sure all your information matches including address and account information otherwise the payment won't go through. Click on the rules box and finalise payment.


Step Eleven

When payment has been finalised, it will take you to this page. You are now all entered in! You can proceed back to Dashboard and see your entry.

Step Twelve

This is what you will see on your Dashboard. On here you can Upload your music, make changes and even Copy your entries to one of our other Eisteddfods, super easy! All yours and your dancer's information is now in your DCG Account!

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